The US Preventive Services Task Force Recommends Screening for Anxiety

By Sarah Johanek, MPH & Joy Burkhard, MBA

This week the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) expanded its recommendation to screen adults (including those who are pregnant) for anxiety in addition to depression. Additionally the USPSTF is not recommending universal suicide risk screening at this time.

In September 2022, The USPSTF invited public comment on the expanded draft recommendations for screening for suicide risk and anxiety in adults. The Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health (2020 Mom) submitted a comment letter co-signed by 10 other organizations commending the USPSTF for its recommendation to screenfor anxiety and suggested those who disclose suicidal ideation on a depression screener be screened for suicide risk. Read our recommendations here

Review the final recommendation statements and evidence summaries on screening for anxiety disorders in adults and screening for depression and suicide risk in adults which were published by the USPSTF on June 20th, 2023.