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Insurer Whole Mom Standards

The Insurer/Plan Whole Mom Accreditation program was created as a means for health Insurers/Plans to identify meaningful interventions and be recognized for efforts with a public accreditation designation.  

Recommended Citation: Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health. (2024, January). Whole Mom Survey.

Whole Mom Insurer Accreditation Scale 

Recognition as a “Whole Mom” Insurer/Plan is based on the following scale:

  • Excellent Accreditation: Meets all 14 basic standards and at least one advanced standard
  • Accredited: Meets 85% of the basic standards
  • Preliminary Accreditation: Meets 50% of the 14 basic standards

How to be Recognized as a Whole Mom Insurer

Submit this completed form and a letter requesting consideration as a “Whole Mom” Insurer/plan attesting to the accuracy of this form’s content to: [email protected] by June 30 or November 30 of each year. 

Whole Mom Insurers may announce their designation through a press release and will receive an accreditation seal to display on their websites.