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Our Co-Laboratory is where we co-create solutions and conduct research to close gaps in maternal mental health care.

Past Co-Lab Projects


Understanding Patient and Provider Barriers to MMH Care

In partnership with The American Psychiatric Association (Principal Investigator: Diana Clarke) the Policy Center co-funded and co-developed patient barrier to care surveys and focus group questions. The results of these findings will be shared at the Policy Center’s annual FORUM in 2024.


Embedding Lay Workforce into Ob Clinics to Increase Ob MMH Care Capacity

In partnership with CommonSpirit Health, with partial funding from the Cigna Foundation.
Pending additional funding: $250K 

More coming soon.


Moms Need a Village: Risk and Resources “Heat Maps”

In partnership with Plum Organics (Principal Investigator: Rebecca Britt), the Policy Center created risk and resource maps by county in the U.S. The findings illustrate that mothers don’t have the village they need, and some mothers face much higher risk depending on the county they live in.


Closing Gaps in Maternal OCD Detection, Research, and Awareness

In partnership with the International OCD Foundation 


Pilot Study: Peer Support for Black Mamas: Tackling Isolation and Depression

In partnership with POEM (Mental Health America Ohio), RI International, and the Shades of Blue Project, with funding from the Cigna Foundation.


Pilot Study: Maternal Mental Health Certified Peer Support Training

In partnership with Women’s Health Innovations, RI International, and Via Hope, with funding from the ‘hope and grace’ fund.