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Consulting & Coaching

Consulting and Coaching Services

The Policy Center offers consulting to healthcare and community-based organization leaders, families, and individuals. 

For organizations:

We offer expertise in maternal mental health care practice change and insurance prior authorization and reimbursement.  

For patients, families, and attorneys:

We offer expertise in insurance rights, appeals, and small claims court. 

Examples of our work include:
  • Coaching a mother’s friend on how to appeal a denied disability claim for a mother suffering from severe postpartum anxiety 
  • Coaching a community-based organization on systems needed to bill private insurance for home visiting 
  • Consulting with an attorney on a case where a mother’s children were removed from the home without proper clinical assessment nor assessment of whether the family had a plan of safe care when she was believed to have postpartum psychosis
  • Consulting with a hospital about what type of MMH services they could/should provide 
  • Consulting with a national non-profit on barriers to maternal mental health care as they develop a maternal health grant proposal
  • Consulting with a mother and appealing an insurance denial on her behalf when she was denied access to critical treatment for postpartum depression 

Our fees range from $75-$275 an hour and are available on a sliding scale, and we offer fee waivers for low-income families/individuals.

Contact us at [email protected] to request your coaching or consulting service.