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Maternal OCD

What is Maternal OCD?

Maternal or Perinatal OCD is a relatively common maternal mental health condition, impacting up to 5% of those who are pregnant and postpartum; yet symptoms, like intrusive thoughts, often confuse patients and providers a like.

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Maternal OCD

Our Work Addressing Maternal OCD:

To bring this conversation to the forefront, 2020 Mom and the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) formed a partnership and steering committee in 2020 to more specifically identify gaps, and address them in maternal OCD research, awareness, and screening/treatment. Three committees were formed to address these areas:

  1. Collating Research and Identifying Research Gaps (a published research article is forthcoming)
  2. Identifying and Recommending Screening Tools and Evidenced Based Treatments and Core Competencies by Provider Type
  3. Public, Provider, and Patient Awareness


Online Perinatal OCD Resource Center

The committees unveiled their work via the IOCDF Perinatal OCD Resource Center in 2022.


Webinar Unveiling Maternal OCD Findings and Resources

Maternal OCD: Why We Must Understand and Do More

Jon Abramowitz, PhD
Stephanie Cogen, MPH, MSW
Kate DeStefano-Torres, LPC
Cindy Herrick, MA, CPSS, MHFA
Mary Kimmel, MD

  • Conducted a literature review that will be published. Publication date pending.
  • Identified research needs and suggested how these opportunities might be prioritized