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Resources for Employers and Purchasers

Best Practices in Maternal Health and Mental Health Benefit Design

The following are steps payors can take to support maternal mental health.

Equitable Benefit Structure
  • Reducing high deductible plans or carving out maternity and mental health care from deductible applicability
  • Transportation benefit (ride share)
  • Required training about racism for network providers
  • Monitoring language in directories for behavioral health providers
Maternal Mental Health
  • Monitoring Perinatal Mental Health-Certified Mental Health Network Adequacy
  • Including Certified Peer Support ​S​pecialists in provider networks (practicing under a licensed behavioral health provider)
Maternity Support
  • Including Certified Doulas (practicing under a licensed ob provider/midwife) in the Provider Network
  • Covering Birth Control
  • Providing Infertility Coverage
Mental Health Care
  • Embedding Mental Health care in Medical Care (requiring medical insurers to bake mental health into PCP / OB contracts)
  • Describing how out-of-network mental health care providers are covered as in-network providers when there are shortages of qualified providers

Employers and Purchasers

Achieving Value in Mental Health Support

Employers and Purchasers

Maternal Mental Health Disorders – What all Employers Should Know

Hosted in partnership with the Colorado Business Group on Health.

Learn more about MMH disorders and also what employers and business groups on health can do to improve outcomes.