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H.4040 (2023): dedicates $860,000 in 2024 for the Department of Public Health to fund postpartum depression programs at community health centers in 6 cities. It also dedicates $675,000 to address maternal mental health, expanding support to pregnant and postpartum individuals by adding substance use disorder-specific resources.

H.2285 (2022)The Division of Medical Assistance shall provide coverage of screenings by pediatricians for postpartum depression in mothers of newly born children during any visit to a pediatrician’s office taking place for up to one year from the date of the child’s birth.

HB 4859 (2010): Requires health insurers to submit an annual report on its activities with respect to screening for postpartum depression. 

Created a special  commission to study and report on postpartum depression policy and research initiatives and publish reports on its activities and available resources. 

Requires the Department of Public Health to prioritize perinatal depression in consultation with the special commission Provides authority to the DPH to develop regulations, policies, and resources to address postpartum depression, including, but not limited to, public and professional education curricula, plans, and materials; referral lists that build on existing resources; and the authorization of validated screening tools.