Menu of Maternal Mental Health Prevention and Treatment Options

By the Policy Center Program Team

This week, the Policy Center published a new resource for obstetric care providers and patients: a menu of prevention and treatment options.

In the realm of obstetric care, the challenges associated with maternal mental health screening are multi-faceted. One major obstacle is the perception that limited treatment options are available once a patient is identified with a high score. This perception can lead providers to question the efficacy of screening programs, inadvertently neglecting a crucial aspect of comprehensive maternity care.

Further, patients are more likely to engage in and complete treatment plans that they are involved in developing.1

To address these opportunities, the Policy Center recently refreshed our Menu of Prevention and Treatment Options for Maternal Mental Health to reflect the latest evidence-based interventions and treatments. This comprehensive resource is designed for use by obstetricians, midwives, and family practice providers who provide maternity care, however, can be referred to by patients and other treating providers, as well.

The menu serves as a tangible tool that can be printed and utilized during discussions with patients who screen positive or are at risk for maternal mental health disorders.

Review the Menu of Prevention and Treatment Options.