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The New Jersey Postpartum Wellness Initiative was established in July 2005 by Governor Richard Codey to raise awareness about postpartum depression and to increase access to appropriate clinical services. This continuing initiative targeted health care providers and the public, and provides information about symptoms, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Outreach to women and their families consists of a toll-free hotline, brochures, and online resources, coupled with state-sponsored television commercials and public service announcements.

S111 (2000): Required the Department of Health and Human Services to establish public awareness campaign and develop policies and procedures for healthcare professionals and facilities concerning postpartum depression, including requiring physicians, nurses, midwives, and other licensed health care professionals to educate women in the prenatal period about postpartum depression. It also requires them to screen new mothers for postpartum depression symptoms before discharge from the birthing facility and at the first few postnatal check-up visits.