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The Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health (the “Policy Center”), with support from Plum Organics, has developed a first-of-its-kind map to shed light on the major gaps in the maternal mental health care provider workforce. The objective of the map is to illustrate where in the U.S. mothers are at the greatest risk for suffering from maternal mental health disorders and where the greatest need for providers and community-based organizations are.

Risk is assessed by using census data and including predictors of maternal mental health, like income level. The resources include perinatal mental health certified (PMH-C) providers, as well as psychiatrists who self-certify as having expertise in maternal mental health and are listed in the Postpartum Support International (PSI) provider directory. This map also includes a preliminary listing of community-based organizations that the Policy Center has identified as providing maternal mental health care.

Take Action

The map paints an important picture of county-level need, that community leaders, state policy makers, and individual advocates can take action around.

Community Leaders

If your community is experiencing high risk and/or a resource shortage, consider working with local leaders to develop a Community Action Task Force to develop training programs, and support local community-based organizations in serving those suffering from maternal mental health disorders. Use our Community Action Toolkit to take action.

State Policy Makers

If you are a state policy maker, use our model legislation to drive change focusing on high-needs areas in your state.


Join our “Pin”-tition

We have developed a “Pin”-tition, to allow mothers, families, and other advocates to drop a pin on the map where they want to see more maternal mental health resources developed.

Click into the map and drop a pin where you want to see action for moms! Watch the how-to video here.

Share the Map and your County’s Results on Social Media!

Join us on social media by using hashtags #MMHMap and #Pintition4Moms to raise awareness of the map and “Pin”-tition.