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S.B.0067/ S.B.1298  H.B.1384/H.B.2289 (2023) On or after July 1, 2022, individuals who are otherwise eligible for medical assistance under this Article receive coverage for perinatal depression screenings for the 12-month period beginning on the last day of their pregnancy. Medical assistance coverage shall be conditioned on the use of a screening instrument approved by the Department.

H.B. 2089 (2023) addresses the regulation of various measures in Illinois, including the insurance coverage of mental health care during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month Proclamation (2022-2023): This month aims to increase public awareness of the prevalence, symptoms, and effects of maternal mental health disorders.

HB 2438 (2019): Requires that mental health conditions occurring during pregnancy or during the postpartum period, including postpartum depression, be covered by insurers and that licensed physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, and physician’s assistants who provide prenatal and postpartum care for a patient ensure that the mother is offered screening or is appropriately screened for mental health conditions.

HB 3511 (2019): Established the Maternal Mental Health Conditions, Education, Early Diagnosis, and Treatment Act and required the department of human services to develop educational materials for healthcare professionals and patients about maternal mental health conditions and require birthing hospitals to supplement the materials with relevant resources to the region or community in which they are located.

Public Act 100-0574 (2018): Allows postpartum illnesses like depression and psychosis to be mitigating factors in sentencing. That means mothers who are serving sentences for child neglect or infanticide may apply for a new sentencing hearing if they are serving more than the minimum sentence. Mothers who can prove they suffered from postpartum mental illness when they committed these crimes can reduce their sentencing.