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Pennsylvania – 2023 Report Card

Providers and Programs

  • PMH-C Provider to Patient Ratio

  • Maternal Mental Health Prescriber to Patient Ratio

  • Inpatient Perinatal Mental Health Treatment Program

  • Outpatient Intensive or Partial Hospitalization Programs

  • Maternal Mental Health Task Force or Commission

  • CBOs Providing Direct MMH Services

Screening & Screening Reimbursement

  • Requires OB-GYNs to screen for MMH disorders

  • Reimburses OB screening: pregnancy and postpartum

  • Requires MCO’s to collect HEDIS prenatal measures

  • Requires MCO’s to collect HEDIS postpartum measures

  • Private Insurance Prenatal Screening Billing

  • Private Insurance Postpartum Screening Billing

Insurance Coverage & Treatment Payment

  • Medicaid Expansion

  • Postpartum Medicaid Extension

  • Requires health plans to develop a MMH QMP

  • Private Insurance Prenatal Treatment Billing

  • Private Insurance Postpartum Treatment Billing