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S.C.R. 63 (2023) and A.C.R. 70 (2023) dedicate May 2023 as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.

A.C.R. 2 (2023) proclaims January 23, 2023, as Maternal Health Awareness Day. In doing so, the act recognizes the impact of untreated maternal mental health disorders and the importance of addressing the postpartum needs of women, including mental health screening. 

S.C.R.86 (2023) proclaims August 2023 as Breastfeeding Awareness Month in California. Among other things, the resolution notes mothers who breastfeed have a decreased risk of postpartum depression. 

H.R.36 (2023) declares June each year as Fatherhood Well-being Month. This act raises awareness of the positive impact that involved fathers have on their families, including lowering the risk of postpartum depression among mothers. 

ACR 2 (2023): This measure proclaims January 23, 2023, as Maternal Health Awareness Day.

ACR 120 (2022): This measure proclaimed January 23, 2022, as Maternal Health Awareness Day.

SB 1207 (2022): This bill extends the deadline for the establishment of the maternal mental health program to July 1, 2023, and revises the requirements of the program to include quality measures to encourage screening, diagnosis, treatment, and referral. Additionally, this bill encourages health care service plans and health insurers to include coverage for doulas, incentivize training opportunities for contracting obstetric providers, and educate enrollees and insureds about the program.

ACR-75 (2021): This measure dedicates the month of May 2021 as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month.

AB 577 (2019): Addresses continued access to providers for patients in treatment for maternal mental health disorders when the patient is new to the plan, and the provider is not in the member’s network, or when the member’s provider terminates from the plan.

AB 845 (2019): Requires the Medical Board of California to consider providing education regarding maternal mental health to Medical Doctors licensed in the state.

AB 1893 (2018): Required the state Department of Public Health to apply for federal funding provided through the Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act (part of the 21st Century Cures Act) for the development of MMH programs which could include a public awareness campaign.

AB 2193 (2018): Requires obstetric providers to offer screening or screen women directly for maternal mental health disorders at least once during pregnancy or the postpartum period; and requires both private and MediCal (Medicaid) insurers and plans to develop maternal mental health programs designed to promote quality and cost-effective outcomes.

AB 3032 (2018): Requires hospitals to develop and implement programs to provide training about maternal mental health conditions to maternity and newborn care unit clinical staff and provide education and information to postpartum women and families about maternal mental health conditions and local treatment options.

ACR 180 (2018): Declared May 2018 Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month

ACR 148 (2014): Requires the California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative, a nonprofit organization, to establish a task force on the status of maternal mental health care. This task force studies, reviews, and identifies current barriers to screening and diagnosis, current treatment options for both those who are privately insured and those who receive care through the public health system, and evidence-based and emerging treatment options that are scalable in public and private health settings. The task force also identifies provider population needs and patient needs in order to improve diagnosis and treatment.

ACR 105 (2010): Establishes May, each year, as Perinatal Depression Awareness Month in California and requests that stakeholders work together to increase awareness and improve women’s access to culturally competent mental health care services.