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2017 Innovation Awards

The Maternal Mental Health Innovation Awards Program

2020 Mom and the Perinatal Mental Health Society (PNMHS), with the generous support of Denver’s Zoma Foundation, announce the Maternal Mental Health Innovation Awards.  

These competitive awards will be presented annually to impactful programs that deserve recognition for leadership in supporting maternal mental health. It is time we share what works in addressing maternal mental health disorders, which impact up to one-in-five women during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

The award program seeks exemplary programs that should be lifted up as proven  models for broader adoption across the country.

Innovative Awards Program goals:

  • To recognize those who are supporting maternal mental health through innovative initiatives.
  • To facilitate sharing innovative models in order to scale and promote change in a rapid and effective manner nationally.

2017 Innovation Awards

Categories and Criteria of Innovation Awards in Maternal Mental Health:

2020 Mom and the Perinatal Mental Health Society (PNMHS), with the generous support of Denver’s Zoma Foundation, announce the Maternal Mental Health Innovation Awards.  

Innovative Programs in Care – Care models (both clinical and non-clinical) with strong outcomes for addressing maternal mental health and lend themselves to broader adoption. 

Innovative Community Solutions – Leadership, communication, and broad community engagement that brings focus to maternal mental health and sustainable engagement.  

Innovation in Policy and Advocacy – National, state or local legislative or regulatory advocacy efforts with impactful results stemming from passage and/or implementation. 

2017 Award Winners:

Watch the Innovation Award Winner’s Panel presented at the November 2017 Perinatal Mental Health Society Conference here

2020 Mom hosted webinars with each of the six program winners. Click a title below, to link to the webinar’s registration page, then enter your name and email address to access the webinar (even if you’ve previously registered). Click each winner’s name to learn more by reviewing the winning program application and supporting documents.

2017 Innovation Awards

Innovative Programs in Care




Honorable Mention



2017 Innovation Awards

Award Details: 

In each of three categories, first place and runner-up awardees will receive: 
The first-place winner will receive $3,000 and
An honorable mention winner will receive $1,000. 
A representative from each of the 2017 winners will receive complimentary registration, hotel accommodations for three nights and travel costs for the PNMHS conference in November.  

The Innovation Awards will also be presented at the 2020 Mom conference in 2018 and the PNMHS conference in 2019.

Distribution of winning programs via webinar, and highlighted on 2020 Mom website.

Innovation = featuring new methods; advanced and original, introducing new ideas, creative, novel, fresh, unusual, unprecedented, experimental, inventive, ingenious.

Programs do not need to be non-profit, and should have at least 6 months of outcome data.  Applications will be juried by a panel selected by 2020 Mom.

About 2020 Mom:
2020 Mom, founded in 2011 as the California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative, has evolved as a national organization with a mission of Closing gaps in maternal mental health care. 2020 Mom understands the complex health care system and shares widely a platform of action and tools to national, state and local stakeholders and thought leaders to drive policy change.   

About Perinatal Mental Health Society:
The Perinatal Mental Health Society is committed to the advancement of Clinical Care, Advocacy, Research and Education (CARE) in the field of maternal mental health.

About the Zoma Foundation:
Early childhood development is a focus of the Zoma Foundation and drives our commitment to reducing social-emotional and executive functioning disparity by age 5 in the greater Denver metro area. Our work is grounded in the belief that every child deserves to be surrounded by supportive, safe environments and that every parent and primary care provider should have easily accessible information and tools to help make that possible. It is our hope that innovative work in addressing maternal mental health and our other initiatives in the greater Denver metro area will yield results that can be replicated statewide, nationally and even internationally.

Learn about the Judging Panel